Thursday, 20 March 2014

Dr Arijit Das’s 14 methodologies and 34 formulae published in NASA-sponsored international journal

Tripura's celebrated chemistry professor and researcher Dr Arijit Das who has already caused flutter in the international chemistry circles by devising 14 new methodologies and 34 new formulae encompassing all branches of the subject -Organic, Inorganic and Physical chemistry-has added another feather to his already swollen cap. Dr Das was offered and accepted as the first member of prestigious American Chemical Society (ACS) in the category of chemical education as the first and so far only one from entire northeastern region of India in December last year after publication of all of his methodologies and formulae in two Indian five US-based international journals of Chemistry.

'I had sent all my newly invented methodologies and formulae in the form of an overall compilation to the US-based 'International Organisation of Scientific Research-Journal of Applied Chemistry' (IOSR-JAC) and they have published all methodologies and formulae in the journal's November-December 2013 issue ,Volume-6,Issue-4, page 8-15 ; this entire compilation giving all my inventions have been published in 'review article mode' said Dr Das . He added that the entire set of methodologies and formulae printed in review article mode is accessible by logging on to '' which is the site of NASA's digital library. 'The digital object identifier number (DOI) for the entire set of article is 10.9790/5736-0640815 ;now any student or professor from any part of the world can use my methodologies and formulae by drawing them from the NASA's digital library’ said Dr Das. The Executive Editor of IOSR-JAC Dr Shamhul Gazly has sent a signed certificate of acceptance and publication of Dr Arijit Das's fourteen methodologies and 34 formulae to the professor.
Elaborating on the importance of a publication in IOSR-JAC Dr Das said that the journal is tied up with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), America's space research and operational body and all leading universities like Harvard, Cornell etc. 'Short of Nobel prize this is the ultimate recognition which a chemistry researcher can hope for because acceptance rate of articles based on original research work in IOSR-JAC is only 10.36% which means 89.64% are rejected’ said Dr Das. His methodologies and formulae have already been accepted and introduced by ten universities across India and IITs at Kanpur, Kharagpur, Guwahati and Patna and many other universities and the remaining IITS are also set to introduce all of them soon. 
Born in 1978 in Kailasahar town of north Tripura in 1978 to a chemistry teacher Anil Kumar Das , Arijit had his schooling in Kailasahar , MBB college , Agartala and Tripura university from where he had obtained his masters and Phd . 'I had also worked for a short while in the state central forensic institute as a junior scientist before joining government-run Dharmanagar degree college as assistant professor. Recently I have joined the Ramthakur College of Agartala as assistant professor and am in charge of a two year project assigned by the union ministry of science and technology at a cost of Rs 12 lakhs' said Dr Das . He added that he had certain family problems to overcome like his infant son's health problems and his old father's ailments but once these problems are resolved he will focus on the critical issue of environment and pollution through his dedicated research on chemistry.

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